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The Care Company SW LTD strongly believes that the values and core of care should extend to our wonderful caregivers, as well as our large range of clientele, and should provide the help, support and value that they all deserve to be given. To demonstrate our devotion to our own, we have developed The Care Company’s own promise: “Our Carers, Our Support, Our Promise”.
We are firm believers in taking care of our staff. Our promise places our dedicated teams at the heart of The Care Company and has built an environment where our staff can feel rewarded, fulfilled and supported in their position – an enjoyable, homely place for our carers to be. Our ambition is our commitment, and we work diligently to ensure that our promise:

Supports and takes care of staff, whether through hardship or prosperity

We, at The Care Company, could not be more thankful and proud of our teams who strive to provide excellent care and show their selfless nature each and every day, which is why we find it an absolutely key necessity to support and take care of our staff wherever they may need. We understand that everyone can have a difficult day, which is why we have implemented many schemes to ensure that our staff are never alone in the challenges they face, whether that be within work or domestic and home life.
We offer many different opportunities for our staff, such as the simple day-to-day chat to see how they are, frequent meetings to discuss any worries or questions, paid compassionate leave following a lost loved one, Perkbox Medical (a GP contact via company mobile phone), 24/7 support, schemes to save hundreds off food, fuel, holidays, electrical goods, insurances and many others. We also offer tailored schemes to individuals that face hardship to help support them in whatever way we can and offer fantastic bonuses and benefits to those who have achieved great success, just to mention a few. Rewarding and supporting our staff could not be a higher priority to us.

Recognises and values, celebrating proud moments of achievement and success

Right from the first day, some fifteen years ago, The Care Company has always found it an absolute necessity and a key priority to ensure that staff feel valued and recognised for their outstanding quality care. As we have grown, we continue to recognise and appreciate the effort and exceptional care that our wonderful teams provide with: luxury gifts, holiday schemes, a reward-and-benefit system (Perkbox), employee of the month, birthday recognition, thank you letters and phone calls, company meals, festivity treats and many, many more!
We also are strong believers in sharing our staff’s success for our local and national communities to see, whether that be as an individual or within a team, through our local press releases, care awards (for those who provide exceptional care standards), social media platforms and website coverage.

Empowers staff to enable career progression, as well as develop qualifications, skills and knowledge

The Care Company actively works toward empowering staff to develop key skills and knowledge, therefore enabling opportunity for career progression.
We have frequent staff meetings to discuss achievements across the teams, identifying where improvements could be made, as well as offering support for staff to reach their goals. Our inhouse trainer is also consistently available to discuss how individuals could further their knowledge and training, to better the care they provide, but to also open new opportunities within their field.
Through frequent appraisals and supervisions, we will identify personal aspirations, creating a personal development plan to help you along the way.

Forms a welcoming, supportive and enjoyable culture for all individuals

Our teams of staff are the heart of The Care Company, and we believe an enjoyable, supportive and welcoming culture is the key to making a happy place. We go above and beyond to ensure that our offices are homely, and that the environment could be a place for all individuals to feel comfortable, safe and happy. Our teams of staff within our offices are compassionate and understanding and will help our carers to enable an easier and more efficient and effective service wherever possible.
We offer tailored and personalised support for our staff, as well as ongoing wellbeing checks. We are extremely proud to care for our staff in the way we do, and we find it key that we build a friendly and welcoming culture and environment for all our staff to stay in.

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Respite Care

– Our respite care service allows for reassuring care. We understand that many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, but we’re here to allow families to rest and recharge.

-Our care services offer families peace of mind, by supplying competent and professional care staff who care for the client in the comfort of their own home.

Hourly Care

– Personalised hourly care services to help you keep your independence at home. Professional services 24/7.

– Over the last 15 years, we have been providing hourly care services across Devon. The service is designed with flexibility in mind to help on the day to day basis for people who need on-going support.

Complex Care

– Personalised complex care services to help you keep your independence at home. Professional services 24/7.

– Complex care is for people who live with complex health conditions, and as a result require higher levels of care to give them the full support they require to live a full and healthy life.

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