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Our Commitment to you

Supporting Independence at Home

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Our commitment to you:

We believe that the values of care should extend to making our clients feel as if they are within the heart of our community, for them to feel as if they can make suggestions and have an open involvement with the way that their support is delivered. A service that is adaptable and flexible to meet all needs and demands, allowing all individuals, of any age, gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality and religion to feel as if they are in control of their lives whilst receiving a helping hand, or the necessary care they need, to live life their own way.

Your care is just that, living under your own roof, in the comfort of your home, living by your rules, making your own decisions. Our compassionate carers are expertly trained to deliver care with dignity and confidence and will always put you at the centre of all decision making.

Your care package:

To us, every client is a different individual, special and unique in their own way. We understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds, with different interests, who have different passions and love different things. Care should not only be about supporting you in your home – we believe that care should support you to thrive, to live your life in a way that makes you happy, to create the most wonderful memories that you can share with your loved ones, alongside not only your carer, but someone you have grown to trust and consider a friend.

Our strong ambition on assisting you to live your life doing the things you love starts with your care package. We tailor a bespoke service to you. Fancy Bacon Butty Tuesdays? Or Friday Fish ‘n Chips? Or a home-made cream tea delivered to your door? We work diligently to ensure that all your wishes are met. We place you at the centre of all decision making, and we wish to support you in whatever way we can.

Quality homecare services:

Rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, our care services are nothing but that. Our carers are trained at the highest levels by our in-house trainer, who found herself as a semi-finalist for Deputy of the Year at the Outstanding Care Awards, Devon & Cornwall, 2020. The Care Company proudly won a multitude of awards, such as: Live-In Care Services Provider of the Year 2019, Best Palliative Care Provider 2019 and Best Full Home Care Agency, just to name a few. We recognise that care should start and end with our clients, that attention to detail goes so far when it comes to your wishes, and that placing you at the centre of all decision making should be our upmost priority.

The Care Company is a multi-award winning, family-run business, but we simply want to care for you your own way. We are a helping hand, our teams of staff are trained to be highly compassionate and friendly, and our fundamental focus is to enable you to live your life in your own home, with a friendly face should you need.

Your decisions, your life, your way.

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Respite Care

– Our respite care service allows for reassuring care. We understand that many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, but we’re here to allow families to rest and recharge.

-Our care services offer families peace of mind, by supplying competent and professional care staff who care for the client in the comfort of their own home.

Hourly Care

– Personalised hourly care services to help you keep your independence at home. Professional services 24/7.

– Over the last 15 years, we have been providing hourly care services across Devon. The service is designed with flexibility in mind to help on the day to day basis for people who need on-going support.

Complex Care

– Personalised complex care services to help you keep your independence at home. Professional services 24/7.

– Complex care is for people who live with complex health conditions, and as a result require higher levels of care to give them the full support they require to live a full and healthy life.

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