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Understanding and Recognizing Dementia

Posted on 14th Sep 2020 14:53:28

For a very long time, we've recognised what dementia does to a person. We often associate it with memory loss - but what exactly is dementia?

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Flu Jab

Posted on 9th Sep 2020 13:38:32

Due to the recent crisis surrounding the coronavirus, flu jabs have never been more important to have. In order to protect the NHS during the already busy winters, it's vital to ensure that we can all be as healthy as we can. A lot of people believe that flu jabs make them ill, but it's rather the opposite. A 2014 study shows that a vaccine reduces the risk of flu-related hospital admissions by 74%. Additionally, it's not only proven to help reduce risk of infection within one person, but others too. Stopping the spread of the flu can be life-saving, especially when it comes to elderly lives. 

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Face Masks: Why are they necessary?

Posted on 15th Jul 2020 12:48:33

An insight into just why face masks are necessary for both carers and the everyday person!

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Jelly Drops: Fighting Dehydration!

Posted on 9th Jul 2020 10:41:06

Jelly Drops fight dehydration in a creative way, bringing innovation and fun to the forefront of fighting dehydration!

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Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:31:22

Influenza and pneumonia are among the top 10 causes of death for older adults. Emphasis of the importance of the vaccination has certainly helped, but continues to have serious ramifications on peoples’ livelihoods. 

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The Obesity Crisis

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:31:03

The UK has a weight problem. Two thirds of adults are either overweight or obese, with one third of these obese, according to official health surveys. Being overweight is the second biggest cause of cancer after smoking, according to Cancer Research, and it causes more than 1

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Managing Stress

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:30:35

People who learn to manage their stress generally lead to live happier, healthier lives. Stress can cause a multitude of different effects that will directly impact you. From small headaches, muscle tension or pain, to social

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A Healthy Aging Routine

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:29:56

Most of us can find a thousand excuses as to why we don’t want to do our daily exercise. It’s easily put off, but a healthy routine can help us in immense ways. Below are the four areas that help improve overall health as we all age:

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Staying Cool This Summer

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:29:20

With summer hitting all-time temperature records, it is vital to keep ourselves healthy. Dehydration and overheating can pose a serious threat, especially to those in their elder ages. Wearing loose-fitting clothes, specifically with light colours

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A breakthrough on Alzheimers

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:29:04

Forgetting your past is an idea that is harrowing, to say the least. Alzheimer’s disease tears memories from it’s victims and causes dementia, which progressively damages different sectors of the brain, 

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Keeping Your Mind Young

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:28:48

Keeping ourselves young both physically and mentally is extremely important. Mental stimulation is one of the key ways that can even help the brain develop new cells.

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Diabetes – Immunise Yourself

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:28:33

Diabetes is a condition that causes high levels of glucose in your blood. This is due to a problem with a hormone called insulin, which the pancreas produces.

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Hydration – Keeping Yourself Cool

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:28:13

With temperatures breaking all-time records, it’s extremely important to remind ourselves that we must stay hydrated. In fact, the best times to drink water are: 2 glasses after waking up, 1 glass of water before a meal, 1 glass of water before taking a bath and 1 glass before going to bed

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Falls in the Elderly

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:27:56

Anyone can have a fall, but the elderly are at significant risk of injury, especially if they suffer a long-term health condition. As one of the main, leading causes for injury, it is vital to take precautionary measures. Using non-slip mats in the bathroom, mopping up spills

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The Reality of Dementia

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:27:42

“No one can ever take your memories from you.” – Catherine Pulsifer.

The reality of dementia is one that is chilling. 

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The Company of Companions

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:27:21

Most of us love the company of a companion. But your four-legged friend may be more helpful than you may think. Studies show that having a pet decreases stress levels, lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety, lowers cholesterol, assists people socialise, prevents strokes, improves immunity and even helps develop children.

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Keeping Yourself Young

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:26:56

“A miracle cure that we’ve all been waiting for.”
It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart diseasestroketype 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%. Its name? Exercise.

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Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:26:41

We were never taught about loneliness in school, it was never headlined in the news and everyone seemed to overlook it’s consequences, but it can have extreme impacts upon individuals. In fact, loneliness can lead to a multitude of diseases, addictions and mental health problems, such as cardiovascular disease

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Live-in Care: There’s no place like home!

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:26:25

Given the current circumstances surrounding the care sector, we are both humbled and delighted to be given an outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission. Whilst we steadily approach our 15th anniversary of assisting those in need, we wish to reach far and wide to care for anyone who’s vulnerable in any way possible. 

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Positive Mood Helps impact of Flu Injections

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:26:08

I read with great interest of a new trial that follows research by the professor (published in the journal ‘Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity’, last year) which looked at people’s physical activity, diet as well as positive mood and negative mood before flu injections.

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Music as a therapy

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:20:15

The Power of Music…

We all know that Music can make us feel good! Research also shows that music enhances learning and concentration and even can slow down the process of the brain ageing. So what is it that brings this reaction? 

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Show You Care!

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:19:56

Reflecting, on the back of all that surrounds Valentines Day warmth, we can learn a lot from our sentiments…..  Feeling that someone cares about you has an amazing impact upon the way we feel about ourselves. 

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Think Positive…

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:19:39

We often hear the term “think positive” sometimes used in a half-hearted way, sometimes more seriously, but seldom I feel in the true sense of the suggestion. I have recently been looking at the power of positive thinking and have been overwhelmed and pleasantly inspired by the facts.  

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Social Care…. What is the answer?

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:18:22

It just doesn’t seem fair that those who have served our country and fought for our future are often refused financial help when other areas of our benefits system receive much more assistance. Similarly, those struggling to work full time whilst bringing up a family would often be better off working fewer hours and claiming benefits

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Medication Errors And Transparency

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:17:17

One of our office team recently brought an article in for me to read which makes incredible if not daunting reading. It starts by reporting on a true story of a lady who moved into a care home in order to receive help from people who would, of course, be trained in looking after people.

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Our Future Wellbeing

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:15:04

I am always amazed at how many people are very well informed on the existence and importance of having a power of attorney in place,  so that in the event of them not being able to manage their own affairs, someone else can act on their behalf

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How can we help improve NHS services?

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:14:46

I recently attended a meeting about medication management in the community which inspired me to delve further into waste as a result of unused medication and its consequent knock on effect to the NHS. So, this is nothing related to government budgets, the dreaded Brxit word or local authority cuts. 

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Fact of the day ……

Posted on 20th Apr 2020 11:14:25

Nice Guidelines recommend that ” we drink 10 glasses of water a day, to keep the hospital away!” Keeping people well-hydrated plays a huge part in preventing urinary tract infections. 

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