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6th April 2020

As those in their elder ages are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, we want to offer our reassurance to both our teams and clients, and that we are very carefully monitoring the situation so that we can help manage and reduce risks of contamination within our community.

The Care Company has and always will put the health and care of their staff members and clients as their number one priority. We are extremely proud of our team, who have risen to a difficult challenge during an unprecedented time, who have, at times, put themselves at risk for the benefit and health of others. Every member of staff, whether on the front line or working within our offices, has shown upmost resilience and their true, selfless nature, bringing care back to what it’s truly about – helping others.

Our champion team of carers have received professional inhouse training in infection control, and we have also strongly advised them to follow guidance on hygiene from the UK’s Public Health Authorities and World Health Organisation. In order to ensure this is kept at a high standard at all times, we’ve provided extra time within our visits for carers to take the appropriate measures to keep hygiene at a high level, such as handwashing.

Furthermore, to ensure that outstanding-quality care is still provided during this time, we’ve a thorough quality assurance process that’s carried out regularly. Due to the national shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment), we are actively taking strides to acquire the necessary amount, so that we can protect both our staff members and clients.

We’ve been humbled by the generosity of our community and are working closely with local organisations that are offering immediate and continued support. We are in frequent contact with our local academy, Kingsbridge Community College, and its principal. Very kindly, she has organised for two members of staff to create protective equipment using the college’s own materials and 3D printing system and is delivering them herself to The Care Company’s offices. We couldn’t extend our gratitude and thanks anymore to those involved in this effort.

To ensure that all our staff continue to obtain sufficient equipment to protect themselves and clients, we’ve also, through our HR networks, established trade connections with suppliers, who are providing protective equipment for companies, specifically gloves and aprons. Furthermore, we are actively taking strides with ‘Salcombe Brewery’, who have been able to provide us with hand-sanitizers for our care staff, and we also offer our greatest thanks toward everyone involved in this.

We are delighted to be launching a scheme with a local business, “The Bear and Blacksmith”, who have offered outstanding support toward anyone within the care sector. Our teams have been only selfless, and we wanted to give something back. Whilst a small sentiment, we want to outline how valued our employees truly are. As of the 6th of April, we’ll be providing every member of staff with a fresh vegetable box, which is accompanied by a freshly baked loaf of bread, and for those in isolation, we’ll be delivering them personally.

We continue to monitor the situation very closely and will frequently update clientele and work force alike to ensure that all measures are coherent and clearly outlined. We have taken the appropriate steps and continue to do so to help manage the risks of spreading the virus.

We have been completely humbled by the support from our community and we’d like to extend our gratitude once more to everyone who has generously contribute.

As always, we wish you and your loved ones the very best during these difficult times.

Written by:

Jonathan Sabater

Marketing Department

27th April 2020

As we continue to turn the tide against the coronavirus, we’d like to reassure our teams of staff, alongside our clientele, that we are standing ever strong against this worldwide pandemic. Further to the return of our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who has said that we are beginning to “wrestle this invisible enemy to the floor” and that we are “beginning to pass the peak”, shreds of hope and optimism are beginning to push itself to the headlines of the news. The efforts and sacrifices made by everyone during these difficult times has made COVID-19 beatable, illustrating the resilience, unity and valiance of the community that we proudly find ourselves in.

The Care Company has sustained a reliable stream of personal protective equipment from a multitude of different sources. We have used third-party contacts from a variety of countries, and have paid directly from our funds, to ensure that we can support any demand that we are faced with. Despite the impact on businesses and our economy, we continue to grow, proudly employing over 60 members of staff, providing over 8000 hours of care on a monthly basis, and have been able to ensure that the quality of our care has remained outstanding. We wish to extend our upmost gratitude toward everyone involved in this effort, from our office workers, who are the engine of our company, to front-line heroes, who are saving lives on a daily basis. The determination, heroism and courage of our nation has been inspiring, and the support we’ve received from our communities has humbled us, as we provide the all-essential care for the vulnerable individuals in our community.

We continue to carefully monitor the situation, and despite the UK’s promising success in supressing COVID-19, we wish to implement more measures wherever we see necessary. We have managed to keep in accordance with everchanging guidance, following developments made by the World Health Organisation, along with the UK’s Public Health Authorities, to ensure that both our staff members and clients are remaining safe, which is our number one priority. We are consistently reviewing and improving the efficiency of the current measures, again, in accordance with latest advice, and are always looking for more ways to help manage and reduce risks of contamination within our community.

The health and safety of our clients and staff force has and always will be at the forefront of our attention, and we will update all necessary individuals on developments to ensure communications are coherent and clear.

We are extremely proud to be able to have a staff force as we do, who are the gears within the engine of society during these times, who have been saving lives, and keeping the vulnerable safe.

As ever, we wish you and your loved one’s health and prosperity, and the very best during these unprecedented times.

Written by:
Jonathan Sabater

Marketing Department

14th May 2020

As we move further into the lockdown of COVID-19, we’d like to both update and reassure you of the situation within The Care Company SW Ltd. Our continued efforts to ensure that a sustained and reliable source of PPE equipment has been maintained successfully due to the generosity of the communities surrounding us, along with early preparations made within our local offices. We are also closely following ever-changing guidance made by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the NHS trust and the CQC (Care Quality Commission). Furthermore, we have also made active strides to ensure that our care visits can be as hygienic and productive as they can be. We continue to keep measures in place that enables our staff to maintain the all-essential hygiene that they require.

Our teams of staff have shown an overwhelming sense of unity, resilience, kindness and selflessness over the challenging months, and the situation that we have been faced with has been unprecedented for us all. We are highly dedicated, and find it our own personal mission, to continue providing the outstanding quality care that we have over the 15 years we’ve been providing care for the vulnerable adults within our community. We wish to implement any necessary measures that may be required over the coming months and will adapt to government guidelines wherever we see necessary. Until we have been advised to do so, the measures we’ve implemented will remain in place for the important safety of our teams of staff and clients.

We’d like to extend our gratitude once more to all those who are making active efforts to help those within our community. We are so proud of our wonderful teams of staff who have shown such resilience and unity over the past three months. They have been an example of what care is truly about. The determination of those assisting the vulnerable and courage moving forward in these uncertain times has been simply inspiring, and we are absolutely humbled to have the staff force as we do. The Care Company sends it’s complete thanks to everyone who have made efforts during this crisis, whether that be staying at home to protect the vulnerable, or directly assisting with care.

We will continue to update you in regard to the COVID-19 situation as circumstances change within our nation. We hope that these difficult times come to an end promptly, and that society can return to its normal once more.

We wish you only the very best and that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well.

As ever, we wish you and your loved one’s health and prosperity, and the very best during these unprecedented times.

Written by:
Jonathan Sabater

Marketing Department

09th July 2020

The COVID-19 situation across the world has seen a large decrease in cases and deaths. Across the United Kingdom, we've seen lock-down being eased in a variety of different ways, including support bubbles being permitted, transport allowances, gatherings of up to 6 people and more. The Care Company recognises that despite these changes, there is still a risk of contamination within our local community and we continue to very carefully monitor the situation. We wish to offer reassurance to all of our staff teams as well as our much valued clientele, and inform all parties involved that we continue to strive to create a safer and more fluid environment for everybody where COVID is concerned.

Over the last two months, we have recognised the need that some carers may have. We have reinforced and allowed measures to remain until further guidance from the World Health Organisation and UK's Public Health Authorities. We also recognise that wearing gloves and PPE that carers are required to can have some impacts on health, particularly skin. As such, we provide our teams with E45 cream to ensure that their hands do not suffer. The Care Company would also like to offer it's reassurance on the PPE front. From the beginning of the pandemic, we have been able to provide ourselves with sufficient equipment to continue our services for all clients in a safe manner. This has been a combined effort, from building trade connections on a multi-national level, to having assistance from local colleges and organisations, who have made visors and anti-bacterial gel. We'd like to once more offer our upmost gratitude and thanks to everyone involved in these efforts, as we have been humbled by the generosity of our wonderful communities.

We understand that the pandemic has offered incredible difficulties for many people. The Care Company would like to send it's absolute condolences to everyone who has suffered through these very fragile times. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful teams of staff. They have shown absolute resilience, selflessness and determination throughout, and we are extremely proud to say we have the teams that we do. We have witnessed incredible acts of kindness from many parties, and we cannot describe how pleased and simply taken aback we are. All measures in place as of the 9th of July, 2020, continue to be reinforced. Until we have been given direct information from trustworthy and reputable sources regarding health advice and measures, we will not change our current way of operating, simply down to the high-risk nature of the industry we find ourselves in.

Our carers and clients have and always will been our absolute upmost priority, and it has been that way from the very start of The Care Company, some 15 years ago. We strive to ensure all of our staff members feel largely valued, and that our clients feel comfortable and safe within their own home. We'd like to thank everyone once more for their wonderful efforts and that together, we continue to turn the tides of COVID-19, and pull through this unprecedented pandemic, no other way, but than together. We will continue to update all parties involved in the continuing efforts made by The Care Company, and will offer it's support and updates to the general public as time moves on.

We wish you and your families the very best and continuing health during these difficult times. Any questions or queries any parties may have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Written by:
Jonathan Sabater

Marketing Department

Mindfulness for seniors


We all want to protect our loved ones – and many of us can take active steps to do just that. The first and most effective method is to:

Protect yourself:


- When you arrive at work or upon getting home, make sure you wash your hands.
- If you don’t have access to hot water and soap, use hand sanitiser gel.
- If you do need to cough or sneeze, do it into a tissue or your sleeve, not onto your hands.
- Once you’ve sneezed or coughed, put the tissue in the bin and wash your hands.
- Try to avoid contact with people who are already unwell.
- Don’t touch your face, including your eyes, nose and mouth, especially if your hands are not clean.



Distancing ourselves from our loved ones can be extremely difficult – but following guidelines from the World Health Organisation and UK’s Public Health Authorities, this is one of the most effective ways to halt the chain of contagion.

Checking in:


Your loved one may start to feel very isolated if they live alone, and if they’re keeping their eyes on the news all day, it may lead to feelings of worry, which can increase stress levels, “Stress hormones such as cortisol can compromise immune function.” Guardian.com
Make sure you stay in touch over the phone. Check-in daily to try and keep mood levels calm and to stay up to date with positive life news that isn’t about Coronavirus.

Physical Activity:


Encouraging physical activity is extremely vital for anybody, but important for those in their elder years. Whether it’s a ten-minute walk inside their living room or a lap around the garden, it’s vital to keep doing some form of exercise. This can also improve mental health, too.

These times are uncertain, and for many, these times are frightening, but we can all take steps toward protecting those who we love the most. Under the guidelines of the UK government, social distancing is key to halting the chains of transmission. Keeping yourself healthy, so that if you were to come into contact, you would not be of risk to them, and supporting them in any way you can are all ways to help your loved ones through these difficult times.